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Carpets are the most basic and essential part of the house that we use every day. Hence, it needs proper and every day cleaning. Since the air is consist of dirt particle, these dust mites and microbes daily settle down on the surface of carpets and play a basic role of contaminated indoor air quality. A clean environment is better for your health hence make sure that your home is fostering the healthiest environment possible. Dirty carpets harbour health risk within itself which most of us are unaware. To avoid health risk carpets are need to be clean daily and properly. You can vacuum your carpet on every alternate day to keep it clean. Most people prefer other cleaning methods to clean dirty carpets. There are multiple health risks linked to dirty carpets. Some are discussed below:

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Respiratory Issues

Dust mites, dirt, grime, Mold and pet hair, can all get trapped in your carpets. These trapped microbes and allergens get mixed with air that surrounds you. Inhaling such pollutants constantly can lead to respiratory problems such as coughing, sneezing or difficulty breathing. These simple breathing problems can lead to asthma or make asthma patient feel these symptoms more intensely due to their sensitivity to airborne toxins. These pollutants make your breathing short that directly affects your life span. To avoid such health risks of dirty carpets it is advisable to get professional carpet cleaning services. 


The buildup of microbes and pollutants in your carpet can easily trigger an allergy attack or make your day-to-day life just a little more unpleasant. Daily and direct contact with these microbes risk you to have skin allergies such as itching, rashes, eczema, red eye, asthma, boils, and infections. Even after your best efforts to maintain a regular cleaning, tiny dust mites are impossible to remove entirely. Professional Carpet Cleaning Canberra for carpet sanitization will help you evade various health risks.

Weakened Immune System

Living in such a dirty environment, it is impossible to keep one healthy. Allergies and constant contact with pollutants make you feel dizzy and lethargic all day. Constant health problems weaken your immune system and reduce your life spans. Your body constantly will keep decreasing its vitality by being in direct contact with allergens of dirty carpets. If carpet sanitization is not taken seriously, you live in an unclean environment. Your body is working overtime to fight against bacteria and keep you healthy. It makes sense that your immune system can start to get tired when you’re living in a home where there’s a buildup of germs and toxins in dirty carpets. To avoid these health risks get professional Carpet Cleaning services.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning

As we already have discussed risks of dirty carpet it is advisable to seek professional help to clean your dirty carpets. Our company provides 24/7 services and uses the latest equipment to clean dirty carpets. Our company uses antibacterial sprays and solvent to give you professional carpet cleaning. We have skilled professional and easy services to give you a satisfied professional carpet cleaning service.

If value for your money is what you are looking for then carpet cleaning Canberra are definitely worth considering. This is because they guarantee to deliver the best cleaning services in Canberra

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Deal with stubborn carpet stain

Things are getting easier with the advent of latest technology in the field of carpet cleaning Melbourne industry. Through a professional help, removal of all kinds of carpet stain is now possible. It is advisable to go for a deep clean at least once in a year. You will love the result. Your carpet will look like a new one for a better healthy home environment. Everything is at your fingertip. No matter where you reside. Book SK Professional Carpet Cleaners Melbourne services with an easy phone call. Get your hands on the service. It will delight you with a guaranteed service of the utmost quality. You can feel the effects on your carpet.

The best time for your carpet cleaning job is summer. At this time your carpet will get dry quickly. Many people finish their carpet cleaning job before the winter begins. 


For a day to day cleaning, we all follow a manual vacuuming technique regularly at home to clean our carpet. Mere vacuuming is not sufficient for your carpet care but useful for maintaining the carpet in a good condition. Vacuuming can pull out the germs, dust, and dirt from the carpet. Rather it is required at least once in a week and really helpful to maintain a clean home environment.

Here we advise you some great carpet cleaning tips at home. Try the following carpet cleaning tip for an overall better carpet cleaning. 


Tips to deal with stubborn carpet stain:

Prepare a cleaning solution by combining one part of vinegar and 2 parts water. Mix water and vinegar into a spray bottle and shake it well. Just pour it onto the stain. Keep it like that for some time. Trust me; you will get an awesome result in your carpet cleaning job. Now put a damp cloth over the stain and use a hot iron to dry the rug. In case the stain is hard then you can repeat the process once again.

Use the knowledge and the know-how for your at-home carpet cleaning service. Clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner at least twice a week. Simultaneously go for a professional carpet cleaning care at least once in a year if you need a healthy and hygiene germ-free home environment. Steam cleaning gives the best result and enhances the life of the carpet. Let’s follow the trick and see the difference in your carpet and home health.



Tuesday, 7 February 2017

We Don’t Cut Corners, We clean that Carpets

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As you know dirt should be very harsh to remove. Every time when you step on your carpet there should be grind dirt into the carpet fibres. This cuts your carpet, just as if you had used a knife. This cutting causes your carpet to wear out faster. A dirty carpet will not last as long as clean carpet and while vacuuming helps-by itself, it's simply not enough. The longer you wait to have your carpet cleaned the more damage you do to your carpet and the faster it wears out. 

Melbourne Carpet Cleaning
The beauty of carpets depends on the quality of care you give them. Our SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers the right cleaning services to extend the lifetime of your carpets in your home. It will not only maintain your carpet and upholstery but it will protect your home environment by offering a more visually pleasing appearance and healthier air quality too. Our company pay special attention to spots, traffic areas and even the corners for cleaning results unique to the industry. 

Why our Carpet Cleaning Method is Best:-

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Our company provide best carpet cleaning services throughout Melbourne. At our company we don’t cut corners of the carpet. We take our time and make sure to cover every inch of your room.  We are careful so as to avoid deterioration your walls or knocking over anything of value. As you know good health is being important for all of us and one thing you can do to protect your family is to have your carpet deep steam cleaned. Steam cleaning of carpets will remove contaminants such as pollens, chemicals, pet dander, pesticides, mould, bacteria, germs and dust mites that can cause allergies or illness. 

We treat your home as it is ours. All of our technicians are trained & certified to the highest standards in our industry. So you can feel very confident your carpet is being cleaned the very best. We use professional equipment to do professional cleaning.

Monday, 26 September 2016

SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services offer who caters to your basic requirements concerning cleaning of your home so that it looks clean from all angles. SK Cleaning Services mainly focuses on cleaning rugs, floors, air ducts, upholstery, tiles and grouts etc. It has a specialized team which is skilled enough to provide you excellent services. Once availed you will be completely gratified as SK Cleaning services gives personal attention to your products and treat them as its own. 

SK Cleaning Services understands your doubts and worries and hence is available and accessible to you all the time. Not only helps you make your home look neat and beautiful but also cares about the hygiene and health of your family. SK Cleaning services is technologically updated and gives best quality and service to its customers at reasonable price and thus gives you a fresh experience with your old things.

SK Carpet Cleaning Services.  Your professional carpet cleaning specialists in Melbourne. SK is one of the best Carpet Cleaning services Company based in Melbourne. We have more than 1000 satisfied customers across all Victorian Suburbs and our professional service is guaranteed. SK Carpet Cleaning also ensure that your property is safe and carpets are well dry after cleaning.

We are a team of specialized, trained and accomplished carpet cleaners. Our team’s chief purpose is to make sure that all our clients are 100% contented and happy after the conclusion of the job. Our cleaners live across Melbourne to offer on the spot carpet cleaning service. Henry stays in the Northern suburbs and accountable for managing carpet cleaning jobs based in Northern suburbs.   Call Now For a Free quote: 0421830164, 0420230164